16 Apr 2016

saturday afternoon in manchester

saturday was a lovely , sunny day, so i went for a stroll in Manchester city centre. i had to take my new shoes off after 30 min because they hurt my feet. :) but in Manchester no one cares if you go barefoot, that' s why i love this city. i stopped at the Manchester Art Gallery . all the exhibitions were super interesting but i fell in love with the little garden in front of the building. it's like a beautiful secret garden in the middle of the city.

13 Apr 2016

how to add trendy pink to your home

Hello babes. As you probably know the colour pink is quite trendy. Since thei am on a very tight budget I try to make little changes price effextive as possible. I used an old dulux paint on a few glass items to add a little trendyness. Haha. Btw I love the green an pink combo. Just beautiful xx

8 Apr 2016

how to upcyle vintage pictures.

I bought loads of vintage pictures a while ago but got a bit bored of them. I searched the internet for an easy and cost-effective way to revamp them. I stumbled upon the idea on pinterest. I simply painted part of the picture light blue with chalky paint. Use a masking tape to get a straight line.
I like how the pics turned out. Vintage with a fresh twist.

23 Mar 2016

coconut oil lime scrub

So this is the second time I made a coconut oil scrub . I have a littl3 more experience this time. First of all don't make too much in one go. Better keep it fresh.mine went mouldy after 2 month. This time I  made enough to use it 3 times. 

Use 3 times more brown sugar than coconut oil, otherwise the scrub turns out to be greasy.
Add at lot of lime zest to make it smell super delicious  and fresh. Btw I put the coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften it and combined all ingredients with my hands. I attached the label with a string this time because last time when I labelled the jar the sticker got oily and came off Xx

20 Mar 2016


Don't you fancy a big English breakfast sometimes ? I do. I went on the around me app and had a look were I could eat some bacon , mushrooms hashbrowns sausages and tomatoes. I decided to dine in the Bluebell in Monton.
Absolutely loved the interior. You could tell a lot of work was put into decorating the pub. Lovely selection of fabrics and wallpapers. Comfy seats and friendly service. The food disappointed though. X