4 Sep 2015

Patchwork Pate

Dear readers,

Do You enjoy getting surprises in the post? I do! :) Yesterday i was super delighted to find out i had a parcel at my door. On opening i found a beautiful selection of delicious pate and oat fingers kindly sent to me by PATCHWORK PATE!! Patchwork Pate is a Welsh company producing great British Yummy stuff.
First of all i love their quirky, colourful and most of all inviting packaging.
I couldn't wait till the morning to prepare myself a delicious breakfast.
I invited Daisy to join me. She liked the black pepper spelt oat fingers most.:)
I got fresh bread from the polish shop and made myself gorgeous tasting pate sandwiches complemented
with tomatoes, cucumber lettuce and Kale. The pate is actually so delicious, full of flavour... you could eat it on it own like icecream. My favourite is the stilton Guinness cheese pate.
Inside the packaging i found a brief summary of the history of Patchwork pate, which tells how Margaret started the pate adventure 30 years ago.
I can't wait to try more of their products and maybe go to Wales to meet the team.

2 Sep 2015

how to decorate a romantic bathroom on a budget,

hey honeys
as you know i rented an attic flat a couple of month ago. I don't want to invest to much money on it because i don't own the place. i try to make it lovely and cosy on a small budget.
The bathroom is usually one of my favourite places in the world. where i can distress and clean body and soul. (haha) i bought really cheap tiles at homebase and attached them with "hard as nail glue". i know its not very professional but it works;) I painted the walls with "delicious pink " paint for bathroom and kitchens. I need to admit i am rubbish at wallpapering but in my world not everything needs to be perfect. i moved in an old distressed pink chair and sideboard. Finally i added a few accessories like vases, candle holders, and a hand painted picture of a rather funny looking pig. x

31 Aug 2015

How to decorate a quirky livingroom

Dear all.
I didn't want to show you my new crazy living room until i am done, However i will probably never "done". because i will keep adding and changing things on a everyday basis. I will show you little bits. I found most of the lovely accessories at local car booth sales. I am acually getting up at 8 am on sundays to get the coolest and quirkiest bits before other collecters can snatch the up.

please guys follow my facebook page for new inspirations,

25 Aug 2015

working in the art department

Dear all. Last weekend i had the chance to help out in the art department of a commercial shoot. It was the first time I worked behind the camera �� it's not really as glamorous as you might think, it's hard labour work :) like moving heavy furniture. but i loved it. the lovely accessories called "probs" are hired out from special places like Propaganda in Manchester. check their website-it's well cool.