17 Jun 2011

old true friends and shanghai bistro

no joke i could not wait to come home to Manchester.the stay in my
home town olsztyn was stressful and brought bad memories back.
i landed in Gdansk and my great friend John picked me up.
It was really good to catch up. He was always was IS AND WILL
BE a hero to me;).
unbelievably(time passes sooo fast) his daughter Dominka is
already 21 now and works in Zara. She is gorgeous, nice and
super trendy. John opened a Chinese restaurant called the
so i took a few pics there i think the deco is really
inviting and cosy.

pics - everyone:)

dress tkmaxx
shoes office

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  1. Zdecydowanie za rzadko wstawiasz posty :)
    Fajnie, świeżo, letnio.
    Zapraszam do siebie, śledzisz mojego fotograficznego bloga, a prowadzę jeszcze drugiego: