2 Jun 2011

united, candy, green toenails.

After pay day on Tuesday i went out to red-hot with Steph
and we had those lovely desserts like you can see below.
i also bought a new coat ( kinda Chanel inspired), jeans,
and a handbag. i really like the intense fruity colours of
summer. i coloured my toenails neon green.
football session is over - I added a few pics taken by nick
from old Trafford on Monday. love xxx

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

pics- nick

jeans tommy hilfiger
coat tkmaxx


  1. Z czego Ty się chcesz wariatko odchudzać? Wyglądasz jak milion dolców! I podobają mi się buty :p


  2. Hey K.I remember you from BB;) Haven't changed a bit since that,actually,I would say that You look even better,hotter and younger then 10 y.ago;)I;m jealous of your great genes,hah:D I always thought that you were the most funny,cool and quirky girl on that show,hope that U still keep it that way:D Glad to see that You are happy;) btw Your man is soo hot,You two are like the perfect match;) cheers and all the best from PL;)

  3. thank you so much Mike! what a lovely comment.tell me more about yourself

  4. well,there's not much to say about me;D I mean,currently Im kinda trying to re-invent my life,especially when it comes to ppl around me.You know,too many liars,chaters,and jealous types around me,so I have to change this and find people who cherish qualities like honesty and kindness.I guess it will be hard to find someone like that but I believe that it is managable.I\m also planning to move to wroclove,because Im a huge fan of this city,and those ppl who live there.I loove their good energy;)
    I could write id in polish,but I figured out ,since its an english blog, I will stick to english.besides its such a cool language,right?;D btw I like your sense of style.U should come back to PL,get a tv show or something like that and teach all this young clones-panda-lookalikes how to dress and how to look without being so skanky;p Seriously I'm not a big fan of those girls;p

  5. um..that was me,Mike of course;)

  6. Piekne buty:)


  7. Marl dodaj nie na facebooku...