26 lip 2011

what do i want?

Hello , managed to loose the extra pounds i pilled on over the last 6 month...the chinese tea from
holland barretts works=).
I got a few new things(clothes) on sales. I really like the sequin trend this year. i like sparkle...::)
i got this cute thshirt in riverisland. Nika liked it a lot. crazy chick- soul sister:)))
we were joking thats its like us- neat in the
front and naughty in the back, lol
I am a bit worried about getting so old. Everyone is younger and i start feeling out of place.
anyway on those pics i look like my mum i think... rip

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

pics Ben

tshirt- riverisland
jeans gap
hoodie - gap

20 lip 2011

crazy weeks in dateville lol,...

my laptop is still broken but Nika lend me her mac. i cant believe i actually managed
to upload the pics, lol
so i am single. and i am really ok with it . i joined this dating site and had quite a bit fun
over the few weeks. ii could write a book about it. :))You meet many weirdos but also
normal nice people...
just like me lmao xx well lets see where it all goes;)
loosing the ex i also lost my photographer :( but My friend from work Ben did a fantastic
job today and i will take more pics tomorrow ...Can't wait. I missed blogging. xoxo

pics Ben

hood- gap
scarf- tkmaxx
bracelets -new look
shoes havananas

16 lip 2011

Little break in posting...

Hi i am terribly sorry haven't posted anything lately
but my laptop is not working at the moment. I will get
it sorted next week.I am single again and so am chilling
home alone, read fashion magazines and go on dates as

I am single again. Ha .