26 lip 2015

how do Victorian homes look like?

Dear All, as you know i moved to a new neigbourhood again. Its so lovely and green and i simply adore it. I love Victorian Houses. If you wan to know about Victorian Houses the click : HERE

1 lip 2015

Homes Just Wanna Have Fun.

Is your home crying out for some action? Is it drab and lifeless when all it really wants to do is party? Have you just moved in and are eager to bring some soul to your new abode? Or is a revamp and uplift way overdue?

Whatever your personal circumstances, we’re sure that your home is desperate for a bit of attention. If it’s in dire need of some sparkle and is craving to feel that lust for life again, then here are a few simple, yet highly effective ideas to inject that extra umph into its nooks and crannies!

Creating space

Opening up and freeing the space in your living environment is the first sure-fire way to please your home. The effects of creating a more neutral toned template running throughout those dank, dreary, sunlight deprived hallways and small back rooms, can totally transform the atmosphere and lead to a happier, more open area. Even if your living space is small, it doesn’t need to look cramped and congested. Just adding crisp, clear colours to walls and other dark surfaces will automatically make a huge difference.

Additionally, investing in bi-fold doors can also significantly impact many aspects of the homes environment. Whether they be external doors leading to the outside spaces, or internal doors freeing up space from room to room and enabling you to transform several closed off sections into a more fluid, communal style zone - which is especially perfect for those homes that want to throws parties - allowing your guests and residents to motionlessly saunter from inside to out, from living room, to dining room, to kitchen, all in one effortless motion.

Adding life
If you do add a clean, neutral tone to your walls then you may consider investing in some vibrant, outlandish prints to perk up your interiors. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and can easily get crafty and personalise your designs. It’s also a fantastic way to keep on top of the latest trends without breaking the bank.  Your home will never get bored with your decor again if you keep abreast of interior trends and mix up the look from time to time. Don’t stagnate in the same old thing, give your home that extra care and attention it so very much deserves. Fabric frames are also an excellent way to use up any leftover prints or wall paper, and can really make a statement up against your new, crispy clean walls.

Now, there are so many fabulous accessories you can purchase to add that extra quirk and zest to your living spaces. Here our our top five accessories that are sure to bring your home out of its grumpy slumber and roaring back to life.

  1. Swatch Door
This stunning stained glass door instantly becomes a feature to show off. It not only looks amazing, but as the light hits the different stained glass it reflects into the hallway and fills the space with glorious colours.

  1. Forest Chandelier
Forget those hideously outdated disco balls and get 
one of these fascinatingly enchanting forest chandeliers instead.  The exquisite design uses a trick of the light to reflect back a shadowy, mysterious forest scene on to your walls. Whatever your childhood fairytale fantasy was, if you have this fitted, you’ll definitely feel that much closer to it.

3. Indoor Herb Wall Garden
Practical and stylish, this indoor herb wall garden allows you to maximise your use of space, and perhaps lack of outdoor space, by combining quirky style and a culinary conscious mindset. It looks great in the kitchen and really brings life to your walls. It also makes you look like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen. Bonus!

4.Hammock Bed
What better way to free up floor space and get rid of that clumpy old sofa in the front or spare room. The indoor hammock is ideal for lounging around on Sunday afternoons, watching old movies and perhaps fitting in a quick snooze. These beds are versatile, detachable, available in numerous designs and simply look great. They’re also guaranteed to get everyone talking and wanting a go. If you have kids, they’ll adore it. And, of course, the big kid in you will undoubtedly fall in love with it, too.

5.Photography Clock.
This unique and eye-catching wall feature is created by first purchasing a minimalistic clock, one without numerals, and then placing 12 photos in succession around the outside of it to create the clockface affect. The beauty of this is you can change the pics with the season, each year, or, in fact, as often or as little as you like.

Antique sink!

Dear all, as i mentioned in my previous post i bought an old sink cabinet in a charity shop. after dusting it i covered it with Rustoleum chalky paint. in the meantime is also cleaned the copper tabs with vinegar and salt. I used "hard as nails glue " from the poundshop to stick on the tiles. and finally i destressed the piece to give it the shabby chic look. :)

kochani jak juz wspomnialam w poprzednim poscie kupilam na starociach szawke ze zlewem. napierw ja porzadnie odkurzylam po czym pokrywam warstwa farby rustoleum chalky paint. w miedzy czasie wyczyscilam miedziane baterie octem i sola. klejem z funtcjaka przykleilam kafelki. przy uzyciu papieru sciernego nadalam calosci stylu shabby chic.


Fired Earth


Przepraszam ze ostatnio nie pisalam, ale byam troche zajeta. kupilam sobie ostatnio szafke ze zlewem na starociach. szukalam ladnych kafli i w koncu zdecydowalam sie na ladne i proste chociaz w glowie ciekawsze i ladniejsze . dzis spacerowalam po John dalton street natknelam sie na sklep z kafelkami Firedearth. na przyszlosc bede wiedziala gdzie sie wybierac po kafelki.

I bought an antique sink cabinet in a charity shop the other day.I started to revamp it and was looking some nice tiles to complement it. I bought some pretty ones in top tiles but the he once i discovered today in the shop Firedearth were much nicer. No sweat. I know now where to go now in case i need more tiles. :)