31 sie 2015

How to decorate a quirky livingroom

Dear all.
I didn't want to show you my new crazy living room until i am done, However i will probably never "done". because i will keep adding and changing things on a everyday basis. I will show you little bits. I found most of the lovely accessories at local car booth sales. I am acually getting up at 8 am on sundays to get the coolest and quirkiest bits before other collecters can snatch the up.

please guys follow my facebook page for new inspirations,

25 sie 2015

working in the art department

Dear all. Last weekend i had the chance to help out in the art department of a commercial shoot. It was the first time I worked behind the camera 😎 it's not really as glamorous as you might think, it's hard labour work :) like moving heavy furniture. but i loved it. the lovely accessories called "probs" are hired out from special places like Propaganda in Manchester. check their website-it's well cool.

13 sie 2015

how to upcycle a mirror cabinet

Dear all,

I got this cute little mirror cabinet in my favourite charity shop on chorlton road for 5 pound a while ago. It was actually ugly (haha) but I saw potential;)
After cleaning the piece with sugar soap I painted it with dusty pink chalky paint. I must say the little rollers work great for me. I didn't really like the colour so I added a little antique white here and there. After the cabinet dried I distressed it a little with sand paper and chose a pretty knob to go with it. like the final touch. my favourite part is really decorating it with bric a brac.

7 sie 2015

how to give your kitchen a Mediterranean look

so babes!

I love green and white glass and lovely pottery. i decorated my boring kitchen window with cute little bells a little candle lantern and glued a flamenco themed plate to the wall. haha- harder as nails glue from the poundshop. i got the flowers at ALdi :) they did not last very long lol.
it is kinda all comes together but there is so much more to do. x