2 wrz 2015

how to decorate a romantic bathroom on a budget,

hey honeys
as you know i rented an attic flat a couple of month ago. I don't want to invest to much money on it because i don't own the place. i try to make it lovely and cosy on a small budget.
The bathroom is usually one of my favourite places in the world. where i can distress and clean body and soul. (haha) i bought really cheap tiles at homebase and attached them with "hard as nail glue". i know its not very professional but it works;) I painted the walls with "delicious pink " paint for bathroom and kitchens. I need to admit i am rubbish at wallpapering but in my world not everything needs to be perfect. i moved in an old distressed pink chair and sideboard. Finally i added a few accessories like vases, candle holders, and a hand painted picture of a rather funny looking pig. x

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  1. i love the use of casual bathroom accessories to create romantic touch. similarly this wall color can add excitement and beauty to your old bathrooms.