17 wrz 2015

Homesense Cheadle

Hello everyone. Last Wednesday Anna took me to the prelaunch of a new HOMESENSE store in Cheadle. Homesense is my all time favorite decor shop. they have amazing unique beautiful stuff for every taste and most of all affordable prices. It's all well organized and and things you look for are easy to find. I am decorating my kitchen at the moment so understandably my favorite part is the one with the lovely delicatessen
i want to buy all the cute jars and just put them on my shelves without even ever opening them. haha

3 komentarze:

  1. oh wow, so many lovely things. I wonder if there is a store close to me...

  2. This shop has some really lovely things. I like the clocks.

  3. I cannot even begin to explain my love for Homesense! It is full of all the most beautiful things and my credit card just can't take it! Last week I came away with so many beautiful things, I am moving house soon so already started stock piling. I am pretty sure I am keeping them in business. I would quite happily live in that store! Haha! :) <3