4 wrz 2015

Patchwork Pate

Dear readers,

Do You enjoy getting surprises in the post? I do! :) Yesterday i was super delighted to find out i had a parcel at my door. On opening i found a beautiful selection of delicious pate and oat fingers kindly sent to me by PATCHWORK PATE!! Patchwork Pate is a Welsh company producing great British Yummy stuff.
First of all i love their quirky, colourful and most of all inviting packaging.
I couldn't wait till the morning to prepare myself a delicious breakfast.
I invited Daisy to join me. She liked the black pepper spelt oat fingers most.:)
I got fresh bread from the polish shop and made myself gorgeous tasting pate sandwiches complemented
with tomatoes, cucumber lettuce and Kale. The pate is actually so delicious, full of flavour... you could eat it on it own like icecream. My favourite is the stilton Guinness cheese pate.
Inside the packaging i found a brief summary of the history of Patchwork pate, which tells how Margaret started the pate adventure 30 years ago.
I can't wait to try more of their products and maybe go to Wales to meet the team.

2 komentarze:

  1. This sounds like exactly the sort of thing that my parents would love, i'm going to have to send them the link to this! x

  2. Ooh these look delicious, I love pate! xxx