22 paź 2015

benefits of Linseed

hello i discovered that cool thing called Linseed in Aldi the other day. they actually had flavored ones too but i went for the plain version. the little seeds
improve the digestive function, reduce bloating, prevent constipation and improve blood cholesterol levels & heart health.
the secret is, they are a great source of fire and omega 3 fatty acids.
you can put it in your porridge, salads, soups ...the sky is the limit.
i like them on my pesto toast :)

14 paź 2015

the bubble room

HI guys. I have been working in bramhall for years now. but i need to admit i went to the bubble room for the first time on monday. My girlfriends decribed the deco as cute but i believe the correct term is modern retro:) the seats were super comfy, the lighing dim. basically it all had a homey feel to it.
big thumbs up.

9 paź 2015

how to make jars cute

hello. i need to admit i have a lot of pesto because its easy fast and delicious. i really like the little jars and hate binning them cause i think they have so much potential. i cleaned out a couple of jars and equipped myself with some lovely diy stuff from RANGE. i was actually very excited by the things they had. but you can use some old material and just label them. it all looks so cute.

5 paź 2015

My Ronseal Project

A couple of weeks ago Ronseal sent me a big box of stuff to revamp my garden shed. AMAZING! I was over the moon. This was going to be my first outdoor project. I was excited and motivated
I got up on Saturday morning i made myself a coffee which i drank out of my cute new cup sent by the Ronseal team. I decided to paint the shed Ronseal garden paint willow and the window frames white.
I used the roller and wide brush to apply he willow paint and the small brush to apply the white paint. I always say that it’s essential to use very good equipment to carry out a fantastic job. The Ronseal tools are of highest quality and made the job easy and very enjoyable. Finally I decorated the shed with a bright banner to give it an even prettier and fresher look. I also had enough paint to revamp an old garden chair. I am very pleased with the outcome of my little project.
Ronseal is my favorite outdoor paint brand and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

Happy painting!