21 gru 2016

Ball mason jars

Homesense was so kind to sent me some ball jars. i decided to use them to make little presents for my friends. I think it looks super cute and after eating the sweets you can use them million of other things.

27 lis 2016

My Boho Bedroom

Hello everyone.
We finally moved into the new House. It has 4 bedrooms so I made myself a girly boho den where I can read and chill on my own. It has a door that goes straight to the garden which is perfect because I can let Penny out in the morning. she loves it. The garden needs a lot of work done so I will show you once it is ready. Its all very exciting.

10 lis 2016

negroni masterclass

Hi guys, if you ever get the chance to get invited by The House of Peroni to one of their Master classes, do not hesitate. what a fantastic experience. The Italian bartender Sergio showed me and a little group of others how to make the 5 delicious Negroni cocktails. Sergio told us the story of each alcohol used to mix the tasty drink. Original Italian olives were served as a snack. The event was hosted at the amazing Harvey Nichols bar in Manchester.

2 lis 2016

The bodyshop

Hi guys,

I went to a little THEBODYSHOP event in the Trafford centre the other day. I hooked Up with the lovely Rachel from ODE2FITNESS. I don't usally shop in the bodyshop ( don't ask me why, because I don't know) and I was really surprised with their wide and quirky rage. Absolutely love the packaging, that looks like sweets. You just can't go wrong with Bodyshop if you are looking for a Christmas present. BTW its not only for girls. :)