29 sty 2016

The cosy club in Manchester

Have you been to the corn exchange lately? wow what a jaw dropping transformation . The historic building is Manchesters hottest dining destination. I decided to check out the COSY CLUB. the decor is a mix of Victorian , shabby chic with quirky modern elements. i loved the idea of providing games for the guest, like collect 4. what a great icebreaker for a first date. i chose to sit in the bar area with the doomed ceiling overlooking the inner atrium.
Their menu includes brunch, sandwiches, burgers, tapas and more. i decided to try the avocado toast with a poached egg. delicious.
i had a really good time and will go back.

26 sty 2016


I had this bedside table for a while but i didn't like the way i up-cycled it in the first place.
i bought a can of Rustoleum chalky furniture paint in power blue. i usually apply two coats of paint with a little roller. that works best for me. obviously i use a brush for the corners. after the paint dries i distress the piece with sandpaper to give it a vintage look. i have a little drawer full of decorative knobs. however i am going to a homesense event organized by ANNA so i ll get some more. i always match it with the piece itself but also the decoration around. it. final thought i will embellish it with a little bird. don't forget to drink loads of green tea!
message me if you have any question. love


25 sty 2016


thaikhun is a new amazing thai restaurant in spinningfields in Manchester. I am a total interior design addict so i couldn't take my eyes of the impressive decoration. I felt like a child in a caddy store .the service was second to none. everyone was super polite and friendly. i am not very familiar with thai food but David said his Phad Thai was better that the ones he tasted on his holidays in Thailand. i would recommend this place to everyone. but remember to book a table it is very busy.

24 sty 2016

sunday in spinnigfields

i had a long stroll through Manchester city centre today and discovered loads of new trendy places to write about. i don't like to put too many pictures of me any more. i think there are enough talented fashion bloggers out there and i am also not very interesting.:)
however the decor outside THAIKUN was so cool and i was rocking a new oversized MANGO cardigan ... i just couldn't resist.

check out my blog post tomorrow please .

20 sty 2016

Souping the new juicing

right :D

apparently soups are the new juices. Souping is a warmer, more satisfying, and delicious way to infuse your body with tons of nutrients that are easy to digest.
so the benefits:
Souping is more economical.
Souping retains the fiber
Souping is mentally easier to sustain.
Soups are veggie-loaded
Benefit of a wider variety of herbs, spices, and broth.
Won’t leave you feeling hungry
More texture
Warming & Grounding.

i cant cook but i cook this super simple but tasty soup when i have nothing in the fridge.

1 litre water
olive oil
1 onion
t2 tins of tomato
Tomato puree
1 chicken stock cube
parsley and salt and pepper or chili flakes

I added chiaseeds to make thicker and healthier . <3

17 sty 2016

my little white livingroom over

dear all,

i decorated my livingroom over the weekend. i absolutely hated the magnolia! i was looking for inspiration on pinterest for days and eventually decided on good old, classic, timeless white. the white walls make such a difference. the room seems bigger, fresher, brighter. i also bought a little table at ikea. so i can finally take part in come and dine with me or dinner date. haha jokin.