20 Jan 2016

Souping the new juicing

right :D

apparently soups are the new juices. Souping is a warmer, more satisfying, and delicious way to infuse your body with tons of nutrients that are easy to digest.
so the benefits:
Souping is more economical.
Souping retains the fiber
Souping is mentally easier to sustain.
Soups are veggie-loaded
Benefit of a wider variety of herbs, spices, and broth.
Won’t leave you feeling hungry
More texture
Warming & Grounding.

i cant cook but i cook this super simple but tasty soup when i have nothing in the fridge.

1 litre water
olive oil
1 onion
t2 tins of tomato
Tomato puree
1 chicken stock cube
parsley and salt and pepper or chili flakes

I added chiaseeds to make thicker and healthier . <3