12 lut 2016

la belle ibiza

Browsing the world wide I discovered this lovely restaurant in legendary Ibiza. I absolutely love the blue and white fabrics. The decor is so fresh and light. I will definitely done there on my next trip . Check out more details on www.labelleibiza.com.

kiwi quencher

Well this amazing green smoothie will get you glowing from the inside out.

1/2 romaine lettuce
4 kiwi fruit
10 green grapes
1 large pear

Mix it up
Feed all the ingredients through a juicer or blender. You can add ice.
Decorate the drink with a lettuce leaf. X enjoy

5 lut 2016

homesense event

Last night i had the privilege to attend another lovely HOMESENSE PR event at the Trafford centre branch. AS i stated before homesense is my all-time favourite decor shop.
Not a week passes without me purchasing a treasure from their mind blowing stock.
I got some lovely things last night and i will show you how i apply then in my home very soon. :)
it was great to meet fellow bloggers Sarah, Samio and of course my friend Anna.