8 mar 2016

the white livingroom

I absolutely hated the blue carpet in my livingroom. So about a week ago I said enough and ripped it out with my bare hands. The wooden boards underneath were actually in a really good condition. I decided to paint them white. Surprise surprise. I am such a trend setter Haha. I should have sanded them before painting but didn't because I am clearly not a perfectionist :)

4 komentarze:

  1. Loveee it! looks incredible girl! Absolutely beautiful! You need to invite me for a coffee!

  2. powinnaś zajac się projektowaniem wnętrz, uwielbiam Twojego bloga.pozdrawiam

    1. oh dziekuje slicznie Marta . Bardzo mi milo ze tak piszesz. chetnie sluze jakimis wskazowkami. xx