24 maj 2016

lunya in Manchester

I discovered a new amazing deli with Catalan and Spanish food. It's located on deansgate in the stunning Barton arcade. Next time I will dine in their restaurant.

19 maj 2016

banana kale smoothie bowl

This morning i made my first delicious smoothie with super healthy KALE.


Kale- handful
1 banana
linseed - 1 tablespoon
maple syrup- 1 tablespoon
filtered water (depends how you like your consistency)

simply mix them all in a nutribullet till smooth. serve in a lovely bowl and enjoy!

5 maj 2016

blueberry and cucumber water

now that is warm again its really important to hydrate.
so a super cool and healthy option is detox water. this time i used blueberries and cucumber and a shot of coconut water. Allow the ingredients to sit in the water for 15- 30min before drinking (the longer the time, the stronger the flavor). its tasty and healthy.. perfect beverage for the summer.read about its benefits on the bottom picture.