30 wrz 2016


Hi guys,

yesterday I attended the opening of the RUSH hair salon in Manchester. Rush is located in Manchester's most popular street...Deansgate. So after having your hair done you pop over the Livingroom to show of your good looks:). The staff was super friendly answering all my question an constantly supplying me with food. The beautiful stylist gave me a glamorous makeover. I think she was inspired by my 80ties checked jacket, as she gave me a Joan Collins hairstyle. unfortunately I had to leave early but I will book an appointment soon.

29 wrz 2016

The costume department

Hi guys,

This is probably my favourite spot in Manchester. The costume department is a place that hires out Costumes & accessories. They have over 50000 pieces to choose from. There is a large selection of hats, ties, dresses, suits....what ever you wish for.
Very impressive is the large collection of fashion magazines like VOGUE or Harpers Bazaar. The place is run by the gorgeous Katie (who is also Penny's aunty btw). She has fabulous taste and the amazing outfits on the pics below are her creations. I hope she won't kill me for using the photos of her website.
check out their website. THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT. kisses

17 wrz 2016

Penny in My life.

HI Guys,

I am super sorry for not writing in month. I adopted this little beauty. Her name is Penny and she is a little schnoodle. A cross between a schnauzer and a poodle. I can't explain how much I love that precious girl.
I decided to change my blog a little bit. I will blog about blogger events, Penny, interior design, food and lovely places. We are moving into a gorgeous new house very soon. I can wait. That will be awesome. kisses